Soaring Above The Silent Enemy: Victory Is On The Horizon

By Brenda L. Wilson
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Soaring above the Silent Enemy: Victory Is on the Horizon seeks to assist Christians struggling to deal with multiple obligations. Directed particularly at women, both clergy and laity, this helpful guide encourages readers to evaluate their own emotional state and to take constructive action toward dealing with stress. Spiritual warfare is discussed as a source of tension in our lives and biblical solutions are offered. Soaring above the Silent Enemy: Victory Is on the Horizon encourages women to claim the victory and the strength offered through Jesus Christ as we face our daily lives.

About the Author

Brenda L. Wilson is a native of Portland, Oregon, now living in Nevada. She is an educator and the mother of four children. Ms. Wilson graduated from California State Hayward with a bachelor of science degree in business with a minor in mathematics. After attending the University of Las Vegas Teachers College, she was certified in both fields. She also holds a master of education in school administration from the University of Phoenix. The author has served as a Christian education director, womens department administrator, and Sunday school administrator. She has conducted workshops and revivals for various Christian groups for twenty-three years.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 46