So, You Want To Be An Architect: Advice From My 60 Years In Architecture

By John C Wilmot
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About the Author

John C Wilmot, FAIA, Architect is from Omaha, Nebraska and is a graduate of Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. After graduating with an Architectural degree, John was hired by the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in their Structural Division, to assist in renovating and updating old submarines. Later he joined the Air Force for two years to fulfill his AFROTC contract. Following his AF tour, John found a job with a small Architectural Firm that was designing Churches and Schools. John is very proud of the design work he did on the Church at 70th and Dodge in Omaha. John spent most of his waking moments studying for the State Architectural Licensing Board exams and was awarded his license in 1959.

John was offered a great job with HDR, a large Architectural & Engineering firm in Omaha. He was selected as project Architect along with Perkins and Will, Architects, to design the new Nebraska Methodist Hospital.

Six years later, John’s mentor Dr Louis Block, was in Omaha and was asked to review the plans for the new Methodist Hospital. Dr Block was so impressed with these plans, that he offered John and his partner a contract to come to Silver Spring, MD, open an office to and plan and design Hospitals. John and his family moved to Silver Spring in 1966. John opened his own office, and this was the beginning of a great career in the design and planning of over 150 Hospitals and all types of health care facilities. For 23 years, John taught the future Hospital Administrators at George Washington University with labs about hospital construction. The American Institute of Architects awarded him a Fellowship for all of his teaching activities.

After his long 60-year career, he decided to retire and write this book, and hopefully help some younger persons navigate through the long trip to a successful career in Architecture. John gives advice after each chapter on the steps to move up in this profession. Just maybe his advice will help you along the way.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 106