So You Think You Want To Be A Travel Nurse

By Dr. Rhoda
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So You Think You Want to Be a Travel Nurse delves into the world of the travel nurse industry. It will help not only nurses but any medical person trying to get into the industry. It will teach you what to expect and how to negotiate contracts and look out for deceptive practices and procedures used by the travel industry to trick you into a contract that is not the best choice. It will help you to self-evaluate to determine if travel nursing is best for you and will show you the steps needed to determine if this contract is right for you.

After reading So You Think You Want to Be a Travel Nurse, you should have the tools needed to be able to negotiate a strong contract and avoid the loopholes.

About the Author

Dr. Rhoda is currently a travel nurse and has been for over twenty years.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30