So Close!: The Hunt For Osama Bin Laden And Top Al Qaeda Cell Leaders Prior To 9/11/2001

By Kirk Warburton
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So Close! The Hunt for Osama bin Laden and Top Al Qaeda Cell Leaders Prior to 9/11/2001 is a fictional portrayal of the intelligence community’s efforts to find and stop Al Qaeda attempts to damage America and kill Americans. The story is crafted from actual events and delivered in context by an American combat veteran. The threat of Al Qaeda still exists, both to America and to the rest of the free world. This fascinating read includes detailed information from a unique perspective so that the readers may gain the knowledge that America’s military and intelligence community is vigilant, but not perfect, in protecting our nation and our people.

About the Author

Kirk Warburton was born in Tucson, Arizona, where he also currently resides. He is a member of several environmental welfare groups. He enjoys learning and writing about political realities in the modern, multi-factional world. Warburton is a happily married military and intelligence professional. He enjoys hiking, shooting sports, and playing golf in his free time.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 476