Smartee Plants

By Carolyn J. C. Goodin CLP-I Emeritus
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Smartee Plants is more than just a “how to” manual – it also answers the question “why.” In this in-depth guide, Indoor Landscaping specialist Carolyn J. C. Goodin CLP-I Emeritus explores the details of the maintenance of indoor plants from a professional interiorscaper’s perspective. The information in Smartee Plants is based on plant physiology, concentrating on water consumption and the environmental variables which dictate proper plant care. Presenting both the science and the practical application, Goodin goes beyond the average plant guide to detail irrigation needs in terms of frequency and volume, nutrition, pest control, sanitation and disease prevention.

Whether a professional plant technician or an enthusiastic hobbyist, Smartee Plants will help you shed the proverbial “Brown Thumb Syndrome” and care for your indoor plants better than ever before!

About the Author

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Carolyn J. C. Goodin CLP-I Emeritus earned her Master of Science in Horticulture from the University of Hawaii School of Tropical Agriculture in 1979 and subsequently opened a successful plant-rental business in Honolulu, Hawaii, called VSPS, LLC, A Very Specialized Plant Service. During her thirty year career, she gave numerous classes and talks on plant care, participated in panel discussions and educational seminars, and wrote columns on interiorscaping for the local industry magazine and newspapers. She also taught a course called “Plants in Interior Design” at Artisan School of Interior Design and, later, Chaminade University School of Interior Design.

In 1989 Goodin became the first nationally certified horticulturalist by the National Council for Certification of Interior Horticulturalists in the state of Hawaii, one of 38 nationally. She was instrumental in creating a distinction for interiorscapers within the certifying body of The Associated Landscape Contractors of America, establishing the designation of CLP-I – Certified Landscape Professional-Interior. Now retired, she enjoys her grandchildren, gardening, cooking, and catching up on the books she always wanted to read.

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Published: 2018
Page Count: 270