Six Months And Fifty Years: A Memoir Of 99.999 Percent Truth

By Mark Todd
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Six Months and Fifty Years retells the true account of the author’s life from early childhood in rural North America, to present day as a fifty-year-old man looking back at life, and looking for companionship through dating apps.

While contemplating the loneliness inside his apartment, the old man is surprised by a foreign sound from his phone indicating he has a notification from a dating app he rarely uses. The man is pleased to discover a young man named Edward has taken an interest in his profile and wants to chat. It is through these messages the old man rediscovers his own desires for human touch and companionship. But is this infatuation real or just something existing over the Internet?

The reader may discover a special relationship with the main character as he speaks directly to you in the book. The thoughts and feelings presented will hopefully encourage every human being the freedom of self-expression in their lives. Our voice is all we have sometimes, and if we do not use it, our ending could become dismal.

About the Author

Mark Todd is a writer and artist. The cover art is his own work. This is his first book.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 270