Sitting On Death, Standing To Life

By Pernell Reid Grant, RN SCM; BSN; Pearl, Pearly
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The older woman and her potted plant are intrinsically linked in this autobiographical tale of illness and rejuvenation. As the older woman finds herself suffering ailments of the stomach, the potted plant falters and begins to wilt. Caring for her own wellness, the older woman must discover how to bring health and life back to the plant, for she sees the plant as a mirror—if it dies, surely so will she.

Life is a special gift from our creator, God. He is the only one able to give such a gift, the gift of life, but there is a very thin line between death and life, even everlasting life.

About the Author

Pernell Reid Grant, RN SCM; BSN; Pearl, Pearly was born in Jamaica and lived in the U.K. before immigrating to New York City in the USA. She is a retired nurse and holds a BSN degree as well as a certificate in midwifery. She lives in New York with her husband and a potted plant.

Published: 2018
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