Sister Or Sista

By Mashee
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When you're in love, how much of yourself will you give? Is your loved one always in your mind and your heart? Does the thought of your loved one carry you to places only the two of you have known and explored? Does the mere sight of that special someone make your knees weak and your heart beat fast?

In the book Sister or Sista, a woman's love is expressed in every passionate sexual intimacy that feeds the fantasy of every man they long formind, body, and soul. Mae loves Gee, the man who saved her from a tumultuous five-year relationship when she never let any other man touch her. Susie is enamored with Ted, the only man who unleashes her inner desires. Find out how Mae, Susie, and their other female friends quench their thirst for love and lust as they go on with their stressful careers.

About the Author

Mashee presently resides in Illinois and works as a deputy sheriff in Cook County. Aside from writing, she spends her leisure time reading and dancing. This book is a product of her vivid imagination, which she acquires through her life experiences.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 38