Single Mother: Don't Quit

By Patricia Ann Burton, MBA
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Single mothers everywhere know that once you have kids, your dreams and goals will inevitably take a backseat to early school mornings, sports practices, piano lessons, and making dinner every night. However, having children should never stop a woman from achieving her goals. In this book, Burton will empower single mothers to spend some time on themselves and lay out a comprehensive, motivational framework for finding a balance between family and work.

About the Author

Patricia Ann Burton, MBA founded a non-profit for single parents called Cayden Nicole to help those in need with the cost of childcare. Patricia is a loving mother of two, Cayden and Travis. Becoming a single mother herself at the age of 20 is what gave Patricia her purpose. Her children have brought so much meaning to her life, and she wants to share with mothers everywhere that the very thing people thought would destroy her future instead gave her so much life.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 48