Sine Qua Non

By Natalie L. Tawes
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Talented author Natalie L. Tawes has done it again, imbuing her characters with heart, personality, determination, and most of all, love, she brings to life people who seem to leap off the pages and into our homes: Fran pulled in different directions as she tries to fulfill her mothers deathbed request to care for her invalid brother, which is at war with her hearts desire to love, mentor, and support her husband, as well as oversee the familys failing oil business and keep up with two homeplaces. Skeets Frans husband, whose wifes need to do everything at once sends him on a quest of his own to begin a new church, entirely different from anything the town has ever known. Malcolm, Polly, Lex, Nina, Bissmo, and Ruthie a closely knit group of diverse people, their overlapping relationships with each other and with Fran and Skeets never fail to make their lives difficult and humorous, frustrating and joyful. Heartfelt, descriptive, and with a touch of whimsy, Sine Qua Non can take its place among the best of todays mainstream fiction.

About the Author

Prolific and gifted, Ms. Tawes has also penned Rhapsodie-on-the-Creek, Camelia Stephens, Light-Haven, and Bunkys Cab, all published by Dorrance.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 142