Simon The Super Case Ace

By Jeffrey Kuczkowski
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Simon and the Super Case Ace

The Catch of the Day Caper

Meet Simon Slade: super ace private eye of the Super Case Detective Agency. From lost dogs to haunted tree houses, Simon leaves no mystery unsolved. But when Rhonda comes in about a missing fish sign, Simon just might have an unbeatable case. Was it mean, old Mrs. Gordon? Was it bullies? Or was it magic?

Simon Slade is on the case and with the help of his dog One Eyed Jack and friends Flash and Jazz Sinclair, no clue will be left unfound and no case unsolved!

About the Author

Jeff Kuczkowski comes from a blue collar family and is a proud member of the United Steel Workers of America. He grew up loving detective books and TV shows. He originally came up with the Super Case Ace character in third grade.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 42