Simba Simbi: Hold Up That Which Holds You Up

By Bunseki Fu-Kiau, Ph.D.
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Are you looking to make sense of your world and how you relate to those around you? Bunseki Fu-Kiau presents traditional African philosophy and its order to life-balance seekers in his book: Simba Simbi: Hold Up That Which Holds You Up. According to this philosophy, Simba Simbi is the guiding principle of everything in our universe, all things seen and unseen. It is a spiritual, key concept to life and living; all successes and failures depend upon it. Fu-Kiau asserts that men and women worldwide can become more satisfied with their lives once they become in tune with this attitude and perception of life. Study Simba Simbi by Bunseki Fu-Kiau to gain consciousness of how you relate to the world around you.

About the Author

A native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bunseki Fu-Kiau is a consultant and lecturer not only in the United States of America but in the world as well. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He recently retired from the S.C. Sheriffs Department where he was both librarian and teacher. He has two masters degrees from Salem State College and Simmons College, and he obtained a doctorate degree from The Union Institute in Ohio in 1986. He and his wife Dianzenza have six children. He is very active in his community and enjoys reading, travel, cooking, gardening, and poetry. Other published works by Bunseki Fu-Kiau include Bantu-Kongo Cosmology (2001), Self-Healing Power (1991), and Kindezi: The Kongo Art of Babysitting (1988).

Published: 2007
Page Count: 32