Silo Sam's Conundrum

By Charles E. Moore
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Silo Sam's Conundrum

Since waking up from an accident-induced coma, Sam Miller is now blessed with being able to remember everything he is told or reads—a condition called “hyperthymesia,” which affects but a handful of people on the face of this planet.

Rather than leave well enough alone, Sam, fascinated with his newfound “superpower,” chooses to explore his situation with a firm specializing in the research of individuals who are gifted and possess abilities permitting them to perform superhuman feats the rest of us only dream about.

But when Sam decides to elope from the clinic and go on an adventure up the Mississippi River, he meets the woman of his dreams, Karen, who has also eloped from the clinic. Together, they run away and start life anew in a small, pleasant town where life is good and everybody knows and cares for one another like family.

Unfortunately, loose practices of the clinic come at a price and have consequences when they come together and are not applied wisely. When Karen is abducted and taken back to the clinic, it’s a race against time to prove her competence and win her freedom.

In the end, will love and the fairness of the justice system prevail? Will the couple be granted their just reward? Perhaps what seemed like a “conundrum” will turn out to be a gift, ten-fold.

About the Author

Charles E. Moore is a former health facilities director for the state of Kansas. But for the past 10 years, he has molded himself into a professional artist who has left his mark on the world-famous Topeka Zoo and other locations with an outpouring of murals and pictures. He is also a licensed teacher and administrator.

Now he is tackling the literary world with his gift of story-telling yarns with a variety of lighthearted, nonfiction tales that will
entertain every age group.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 144