Silent Love

By Susan Shuler De Long
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Silent Love

Krystal Crane is devastated when her parents announce their decision to move. Not only will she be leaving her friends and the only home she's known, but she also will be attending a regular high school for the first time. Will the kids accept her? She is beautiful, smart, and kindbut she also is deaf. How will she adjust to her new world, and how will the new world adjust to her?

With the help of a true friend, Krystal finds her place in her new school. She lands a coveted spot on the yearbook staff, and she begins to date one of the most popular boys in her class. As college decisions loom, Krystal and her friends must choose the paths to their futures. Family pressures, young love, unexpected obstacles, and the added challenge of her deafness make Krystals decisions difficult. With the unwavering support of her family, Krystal is destined to shine.

About the Author

Susan Shuler DeLong lives in a small mountain community in California. She and her late husband, Ned, raised four children. She is a retired high school career counselor and before that, worked with multiply handicapped children. She enjoys volunteering, gardening, reading, and above all, time with her grandchildren. Silent Love is her first book.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 118