Sidney The Sock Bandit

By Mary Tello-Pool, Illustrated by Mylee Schorsch
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Sidney the puppy very much misses his family when they go away or are too busy to play. That is when he sneaks away with their socks and plays with them, then hides them under the bed! The smelly socks smell great to Sidney…because they smell like his family! Sidney the Sock Bandit is a fun story for the whole family!

About the Author

Mary Tello-Pool has been a nurse for forty-eight years and has been a very active member of her community as a volunteer for organizations relating to public health as well as ones that cater to the needs of children and pets. Tello-Pool and her husband are grandparents to two beautiful grandchildren and are avid dog lovers.

After 40 years of writing children’s stories, Tello-Pool took the plunge to publish after her granddaughter asked to make Sidney’s story a real book so other children could enjoy it as much as her.

In her spare time, she enjoys writing and creating art and music.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 30