By Ruth S. Magadini
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The gamble isnt restricted to the racetrack when it comes to horses. The owners take a gamble themselves sometimes in more ways than one. Nick Bianchi leads a perfect life: He has a fulfilling career, a loving wife, and healthy children. However, a lucky day at the track ends with his buying a racehorse one who proves to be true to his name: Showdown. This spur-of-the-moment decision does more than stretch the already-tight family budget, his unlikely career as a racing owner propels him further into unfamiliar terrain, one which tests his skills and knowledge and threatens everything he holds dear. As emotions strain between Nick and his wife, his life becomes one big showdown: on the track, with his colleagues, and in his once-happy home. Every showdown has a winner and loserwill Nick Bianchi come out on top? Or will he lose it all?

About the Author

Ruth S. Magadini is an artist, writer, and gallery owner who is active in the Arizona Artist Guild, Scottsdale Art League, Phoenix Theatre Guild, Mental Health Organization, and Rotary Ann Rotary Club. Married with four children, she enjoys reading, writing, painting, entertaining, and playing tennis. Magadini is also the author of Enchanted; this is her second published work.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 250