Short Interval Management: A Twelve-Step Program To Profit

By Lewis R. Hardenbergh, PhD
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Running a small business often means hard work and long hours for the business owner, and it is often hard to make money while working so hard. Not so, says author Lewis R. Hardenbergh. People think running a small business is difficult because the managers are often so focused on the work being done, they are too busy to notice the few simple rules for running a small business. If every small business owner was equipped with some readily available information and adopted a simple management approach, they also could run their business for profit and growth. Read Short Interval Management, and you will have the information and tools for running your business for profit.

About the Author

Lewis R. Hardenbergh has an MBA in Management, and an M.A. in MicroEconomics and a PhD in International Trade, both from the University of Connecticut. He has spent over sixteen years developing his management program while doing Management Consulting to small businesses, and he was a small business owner himself for over ten years. He currently is the Controller for Tomco Construction and lives in New Jersey.

Published: 2007
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