Shiny’S Kid

By John T. Bresnahan
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After the suspicious death of his parents, a toddler is dumped in a horribly abusive orphanage by his greedy grandfather who expected him to die there. But he didn't. He survived and escaped, landing under the wing of a homeless Army veteran, who taught him how to keep right on surviving.

Known on the street as simply Shiny’s Kid, James Flint is anything but simple. He’s a highly intelligent young man raised to remain aloof and distant for his own protection, but who reaches out for a sense of friendship, community, and family he never had growing up. Flint, ends up inheriting the estate his late grandfather stole as well as property in the northwest. Once there, he begins building, building a home, friendships, building that community and family he’s always sought. Along the way he helps a growing number of people who embrace him, and despite any setbacks he faces, he does not give up and keeps trying, seeing how his positive actions affect those around him. The only alternative to this is reverting to how he was raised—cold and alone in a “kill or be killed” atmosphere. Can a kid who began poor, abused, and raised on the streets overcome it all, do well, and make a difference with and for those around him?

About the Author

John T. Bresnahan was born and raised in New England. His favorite holidays are St. Patrick’s Day and Fall Festivals. He joined the Air Force and served over twenty years, and got to see most of the world. Bresnahan retired and finished his master’s degree, going on to teach elementary school, mostly fourth grade, which he loved, until he retired in 2018. After surviving in his house through Hurricane Michael’s fury, once he got power and water several months later, he started getting ideas that he just had to put down on paper. It was really weird at first, as he has gone off in several directions, and now has ten books started—from adventure, to Sci-Fi, to romance. Bresnahan’s two sons are his life; though they are both grown, he will always see them as young boys, whose only goal in life, (it seemed to him at the time) was to challenge him. His family in Massachusetts is far away, but it is wonderful when they get together to talk and socialize. Bresnahan likes to do small woodworking projects, painting, mostly acrylics, and drawing. His grandmother started painting in her sixties, and was pretty good. He suspects his family tends towards late bloomers in the talent category.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 262