Shelter In The Storm

By Mary Vansher
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Shelter in the Storm is a novel about a woman named Tarika and her husband Ben, both in their mid-forties and caught in an unpredictable adventure while vacationing on the island of Taluma, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. A tropical storm develops in Taluma. Tarika, while in her hotel room, catches a glimpse of four young boys daring to jump off a rock into the deadly waves below. It is from this moment that the adventure begins, when Tarika soon discovers the four boys are missing. Her intuitive drive leads her to investigate the disappearance of the boys. Meanwhile, a Category Three tropical storm has developed, and Tarika is blinded by the winds and heavy rain pouring incessantly. She ends up under the depths of the ocean water, struggling to stay afloat and desperately trying to swim back to shore. It is her faith in God that gives her the stamina and courage not to give up. The journey to find Tarika and Tarikas own journey to struggle to survive while facing life-threatening situations is a dangerous journey for all. But no matter what the outcome, they know they will never give up as long as they have their faith in God to see them through.

About the Author

Mary Prez Vansher, a native of Puerto Rico, lives in California with her husband and two children. A retired teacher, Vansher is a member of the International Poets Society and a member of the California Writers Association. She participates in Small Groups Bible Studies. Her other interests include reading, gardening, traveling, and she is a collector of Department 56: The North Pole Series. Vansher also has two other published books: The Day Breaks to a New Beginning and Come Closer to Heaven: Poetry & Songs.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 40