Shelby's Diary

By Michelle Bowman
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Shelby and her mom just love going on walks together! One day their adventures take them to a secret garden, full of different kinds of plants and flowers. Shelby and her mom take in all of the different smells and wonders of the garden, and suddenly Shelby notices a group of white doves eating birdseed on the ground. As she approaches, they all fly away, but one dove curiously stays behind to eat food out of Shelby’s hand!

Shelby’s Diary is a fun tale of sharing, exploring, seeing beautiful scenery, and indulging in a fantasy of flowers and animals that no one has ever seen before, a simple time of beauty and playing.

About the Author

Michelle Bowman worked with a variety of children with special needs, school age to adolescent, attending Elcamino College majoring in Child Development and The University of Phoenix, majoring in human services. She worked in the educational field for thirty-seven years and enjoyed reading and singing to children. Curriculum is another medium she enjoys doing because planning the day gives parents and students a sense of positive structure.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30