Shaped By Our Thoughts: Let Our People Think

By Dr. Murphy V. S. Anderson
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About the Book

Shaped by Our Thoughts: Let Our People Think is a poetic discussion of both past and current social and historical events that we have experienced as a people and society. This book’s main goal is to draw readers’ attention to some of the day-to-day social injustices, societal issues, and human struggles people face, as well as show readers how to respond to them. Dr. Murphy V. S. Anderson hopes readers will become better thinkers and citizens after reading this book, creating a friendly society where the life and dignity of each person is honored and respected.

About the Author

Dr. Murphy V. S. Anderson lives and works for the Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services/State of Ohio; he is a member of the Liberian Study Association (LSA), National Black MBA Association, and the Association of Liberian Lutherans in the Americans (ALLIA). He is a family man, a believer in community organizations, and an advocate of social justice, equality, human dignity, and freedom for all people. He is a staunch Christian, and enjoys reading, writing, having meaningful discussions, and travelling.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 60