Shadows Within The Mist

By PJ Wiltbank and CJ Bohala
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A surprising and unexpected choice for a relaxing vacation spot ends up being an unwise move for executive secretary Kasteel Freeman. On her way to a small town called Maple in Montana, Kasteel starts to second-guess her selection when she starts hearing an unknown voice calling to her. Unsure of exactly whoor whatthe voice is and its message, she continues on, determined to find her R&R. But when she reaches her destination, danger sets in, and Kasteel is left wondering if the voice just may be the key to escape

About the Authors: PJ Wiltbank enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. She also volunteers for local blood banks, senior centers, friends of CASA, and domestic violence organizations. She is married and has four children, seven grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. She loves exploring family history and enjoys listening to Celtic music. CJ Bohala enjoys sewing, needle pointing, crocheting, and playing with her cats. She has two sons and six grandchildren. She enjoys listening to Native American music. CJ has a great love and concern for the Native American people.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 212