Shadows Of A Sapphire Rose

By Teloch Rit
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Shadows of a Sapphire Rose is a collection of poetry and short stories. While doing 21 years in prison, Teloch Rit wrote a lot as a form of coping and dealing with her situation. She wrote for herself, but she also wrote for programs she was involved in such as Toastmasters and Freehold Theatre. She really just wants to share that piece of her life so others can understand or in some cases relate to what she went through.

About the Author

In Toastmasters, Teloch Rit frequently gave speeches. One of the manuals she used as called Storytelling, another Interpretive Reading. She wrote her own stories and poetry to give as speeches for these manuals. In Freehold Theatre, their performances were based off their own experiences and writings. So many of the prose pieces she wrote were prompts given by their director, but were still their own. These programs inspired her a lot and she wouldn’t have accomplished so much without them.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 138