Shadow Fumblings

By Barbara W. Braun
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About the Book

Shadow Fumblings renders a tapestry of reflections on love, nature, marriage, and personal identity which includes the impact of the silent sacrifice of Christ on Calvary and the beauty and wonder of the divine harmony and its effect on individuals and life events. Barbara W. Braun seriously addresses important issues whole maintaining a gentleness to her work. Throughout Shadow Fumblings, Mrs. Braun structures her poetic journal with observations and descriptions of individuals, events, and innermost thoughts and perceptions. Dedicating the book to her grandchildren, she creates a lasting legacy for them offering guidelines for their lives.

About the Author

A lifelong resident of New York, Barbara W. Braun currently lives in Blauvelt. She is involved in her community the first president of Rockland Country Catholic Coalition, an organization of lay Catholics in Rockland; a member of Helpers of Gods Precious Infants; a member of The Ladies of Charity; and she once ran for the House of Representatives. Originally writing was a hobby for Mrs. Braun. Since then she has developed her writing and her thoughts, believing she should share her inspirations with others. Shadow Fumblings is her first published book.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 188