Seven Score And Four

By Dave Spiering
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About the Book/Author

How would you feel if someone wrote a biography on you and they completely misrepresented you and what was important to you? How would you respond if, when confronted, they just shrugged it off or said that was how they wanted other to interpret your life?

Or what if you wrote an autobiography and someone came along and completely changed it? And what if they told everyone that their version was the one you wanted everyone to believe?

For half a century, the progressive, secular modernists have been doing just that with history. Mirroring their new religious and philosophical mindset, their standard of values have been superimposed on the past. The old ideas of truth, morality, and spiritual destiny have been erased.

Follow as adventurers as they go back in time and rewrite history to change the past. With careful attention to the actual lives of those in the past, Seven Score and Four paints a picture of what may have happened should humanity have time-traveling capabilities.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 328