Set The Day… Into Light… Into Time… Into Lines

By Benjamin James Binion
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Set the Day... Into Light Into Time Into Lines is a collection of poems written during a particularly confusing and stressful period of the composers life. Largely an outlet for emotional duress, each poem works its way through feelings and anxieties.

Readers who may be experiencing similar confusion or stress can identify with the feelings portrayed in Benjamin James Binions Set the Day... Into Light Into Time Into Lines. The author hopes readers will find solace in this connection and in the understanding that, while so much emotion positive and negative courses through us, none of us are alone in these feelings.

About the Author

Benjamin James Binion was born in December of 1979 in Denver, Colorado. There, he has spent 35 years cultivating a love of the arts and the natural beauty surrounding us.

As a young adult, Binion was diagnosed with a severe illness and spent the better part of a decade struggling to manage its effects. As a result, he found himself reaching out for relief in drugs and alcohol. With the help of a network of dedicated professionals and family he has re-directed those energies to nourishing the traits and talents which make him who he is.

While his talents extend across many artistic media, Binion has found poetry to be the most successful means of expressing the plethora of emotions and ideas hes built up inside. He hopes these works will inspire others to express themselves freely and without reservation.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 76