Sending: An Athlete Confronting Cancer

By Jennifer Erin Pinkus
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SENDING is a generic term for successfully completing a vertical rock or ice climb. Jennifer Erin Pinkus approached her struggle against cancer with the determination and emotional strength she used when tackling the most challenging mountain.

When Jen received a diagnosis of lymphoma, she decided to start a daily journal describing her experience with hair loss, “chemo brain,” metallic tastes, and insurance coverage. Her talent for using the written work in prose and poetry to describe coping with this horrific illness is raw and honest. It shows Jen’s courage as she faces her fears, the unknown, and death. She hoped this book would help others face difficult trials with courage and strength.

About the Author

“She’s pure inspiration to live life fully, to be brave, to not mind the small stuff, to be generous and kind and respectful of others, and to never give up.”

– Cindy Jevne, editor and author

Published: 2020
Page Count: 174