Selfish Parents, Neglected Children

By Zahra Mehdikhan
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Zahra Mehdikhan has always wondered why people have children. Is it because they want to see someone created from themselves, or do they feel they can provide a better life for their dear ones than they had and enrich their own lives? Mehdikhan hopes to motivate parents to seek the best for their families, and that some revolution will take place involving our moral values and our manners. Although parents are responsible for the well being of their children, the government should provide the training that is necessary for all of us to raise our children. In Selfish Parents, Neglected Children, Mehdikhan relates different situations so parents will understand that by working together and joining forces with the government, we can install a way of life that will provide a healthy and safe environment for our children and a better society for everyone.

About the Author

Originally from Iran (Persia), Zahra Mehdikhan lives in Sherwood, Oregon. An educator, an inventor of patented childrens novelties, and the mother of three successful children, Mehdikhan was prompted to write this book after seeing the problems in the families of the students she has taught. It is her hope that this book will help families who are in trouble solve their problems from the roots.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 76