Seer: Book 1

By   Emapoe
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Sara is a seer. At night, she defusers with rue oil to aid her against the demons that pay her a visit. In the morning, she gets up and readies herself for an average workday. After deciding to be on the team to relocate to a new office, she joins the kind Antonio, clever and sweet David, friendly and quiet Erick…and the detestable John on a journey to the new location. John’s unwanted advances towards Sara grow stronger as Antonio and David become more protective and concerned. Sara must find a way to keep the peace against the demons that threaten her at night…and the one who stalks her in the day. 

About the Author

Emapoe has been a silkscreen printer for five years and was an over the road truck driver for two and a half years. She holds a degree in welding and has taken courses in mechanical engineering. She currently works in software sales and technical support for a tax software company. 

Emapoe has one son and enjoys making pumpkin pies for her local firefighters on Thanksgiving. 

Published: 2021
Page Count: 76