Seeking The Vanishing City: Delicately Balancing The Truth

By Paul Santy
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Seeking the Vanishing City: Delicately Balancing the Truth is a travel log through European countries that takes place in the year 2005. The trip was inspired by dreams and became fascinating to experience as the dreams were fulfilled one by one. This story explores the role of faith and the amazing things that can happen with it. Seeking the Vanishing City explores the adventures of traveling, meeting others from all walks of life, and discussing topics that are often not discussed publicly.

About the Author

Paul Santy has committed a lot of his time to having spiritual conversations with people, asking strangers about their personal beliefs with the intent of filling what he believes is a gap in society that has been neglected either by media or fear. As a result, he has had many meaningful conversations with others. For years, he has been devoted to his mission in having others think and express themselves in a spiritual way. In the past, Paul was a professional dancer and will still occasionally take a ballet class. He recently did a theater piece of his life, weaving it with his choreography and dance. As the author of the book Now, the Profundity of Life, Paul still tries to live up to the title, finding that the now is the most important and profound thing to experience. He still travels extensively in order to keep life fresh and challenging and to stay sensitive to the ever-changing world and the perspectives that make it that way.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 322