By Jessica Reed
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Never short on cash for fun, games or funding her education and without reason other than peer pressure—Tori naively takes the bait of a rationalizing friend who leads their group of 5 co-eds down a path signing up for the online “dating” platform, Seeking Arrangements, where wealthy men and women seek to establish mistress-styles relationships.

No, it’s not prostitution, and it’s not criminal. It’s fun and the men crave or deserve this treatment. Or so Tori thought.

After a series of bad decisions that only money and over-confidence can buy, Victoria has lost herself, only to re-find herself in the classroom of Arthur Tomlinson, first semester of pursuing her Law degree.

But old habits die hard, and she’s soon caught up in more ethical struggles and self-reflection. Not only Tori, but her teacher and others, battle ethical and moral struggles as their stories unfold. What can Tori do to make things right?

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32