Seeds Of Destiny

By Rebecca Fay Sherwood
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Seeds of Destiny is intended to illustrate the true nature of the Heavenly Father’s character, which gets developed within us as we apply his words to our lives, hearing them and doing them. So, from the first page to the last, this book reveals to the reader that as we apply God’s word to our lives, and believe His word for our lives and speak His word into our lives, to ourselves and to others, hearing His words we start to become His word. This idea is that as you go through life applying the Father’s instructions in your everyday lives you will grow spiritually stronger from within. As we begin this journey as believers in Christ, it truly does make us new. And this change happens first from within us. It has the power to heal our innermost man. removing all our hidden pain and bringing forth this indescribable newness and awareness of who we are and whose we are. We are royalty, we are the light of the world, and we should never hide our light. We plant the seeds (His words) and He waters them… the Garden of our Hearts.

About the Author

Rebecca Fay Sherwood believes wholeheartedly in the Kingdom of Heaven. She dedicates this book to her son, Mason Lee Ryan, and her daughter, Ellie Jane Willow.

(2022, hardbound, 32 pages)

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