Secret Art And Magical Practice: Baphomet Lodge

By Reverend Jonathan Ludd
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About the Book

The rituals, practices, and observations of Paganism are deeply rooted in tradition stemming from mythology and ancient civilizations. Secret Art and Magical Practice: Baphomet Lodge, by Reverend Jonathan Ludd, is a quick-reference library for those dedicated to the path of the old ones and seeking the light of the Craft.

In this book, Ludd explains the true origins of the pentagram, the use of riddles in scripture, and the distinctive stations of Baphomet. He also details the use of colour and presents modern-day translations of the ancient language used in ritual. Finally, Ludd reveals the rituals of the Fourth Degree through the Eighth Degree, as well as the procedures for Candle Magic, Spell Craft, Hex Craft, House Blessings, Exorcisms, and Last Rites.

Secret Art and Magical Practice: Baphomet Lodge is a comprehensive volume, essential for all those seeking to gain higher knowledge and power through the truths of Paganism.

About the Author

Reverend Jonathan Ludd is ordained in the Alka Antam in Cambridgeshire, England. He has been a member of lodges since 1992. Outside the church, Reverend Ludd works as a care director, and he holds diplomas in health and business management. He is handfasted and married in the pagan church. In addition to writing, Reverend Ludd enjoys teaching, arts and crafts, and website design. Secret Art and Magical Practice: Baphomet Lodge is the continuation of his first volume, The Pagan Book of Wisdom and Knowledge: Baphomet Lodge.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 276