Seasons Of A Woman

By Jamie Rogers
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Life is a cycle that has a beginning and an end. Its like a day starting at dawn as the sun vibrantly begins to soar in the skies and ends at dusk when darkness begins to reign and cold slowly captures us in its embrace. Nevertheless, life, at best, can be illustrated by the changing of seasonsjust like a womans journey through life.

Seasons of a Woman is a collection of poems that will entwine your heart and entice your sensations. There is more to life than just living, and looking at it through the eyes of a woman will show a kaleidoscope of emotions and a maze of life decisions.

Winter is the start of the journey when your heart will be held and you will feel lost and confusedthe feeling of loneliness in a cold December night. Spring will pass and summer will come, and with the change in seasons comes a change of heart.

About the Author

Jamie Rogers is a native of Texas, where she works at Nimitz Middle School in the North East Independent School District. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English at Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, Texas.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 102