Searching's Subtle Virtue

By Jacob Carter
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Searching’s Subtle Virtue is a collection of poetry that focuses on exploring growth, purpose, and struggle. The collection is stitched together by eleven longer pieces of writing, with smaller pieces interspersed in between to accompany the themes of each larger piece. There is a loose continuity between the larger writings; however, that continuity is left to be filled in by the reader. Searching’s Subtle Virtue is sure to provide its readers with opportunities for introspection and reflection.

About the Author

For a long time Jacob Carter has always had a strong artistic inclination; he’s always been attracted to well-done, thought-provoking art, and he’s also always tried to emulate those qualities he loved through his own art. He’s proud of a lot of the work he’s created; however, for a long time he viewed his writing simply as the frustrating result of a long-time inability to access a place from where he could create other art forms fit for sharing. Eventually, around fall of 2018, Jacob shared some of this writing with a friend of his, which had become common, and she suggested he write a book. He happened to be at a point in his life where he was trying to accept offered advice more frequently, so it became one of his goals. The material you have, are, or are about to read is the product of creative desire, frustration, and a suggestion.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 58