Sea Of Darkness

By Joan Edwards Eller
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Sea of Darkness is a story about a fifteen-year-old named Bruce. Profession? Serial killer. He knows nothing of love or family values, only torment, pain, and loneliness. He has killed sixty people, and he couldn't tell you why.

You are with him as he goes on his journey, and you are with him not only as he kills but also as he relates to other people as he lives his life, when he rides on his emotional roller-coaster of life. You are with him as he travels to unknown places, when he is happy and sad, and to the very end of his life.

About the Author

When she first started working, Joan Edwards Eller was a clerk working in a hospital. She went to school to be an LPN, doing that for five years, and then she became a police officer. She worked for twenty years as a police officer, cross-training as a firefighter and EMT. She has an Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement, a Bachelor's Degree in Business, and a Master's degree in Management. At the end of her career, she worked as a deputy coroner for her county.

Joan is now retired. Her hobby is genealogy, with which she has worked for the past twenty years. She is married and has one daughter.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 308