Screen Boy

By Matthew Patrick Gallagher
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Screen Boy is a book about a young man that gets caught up in the world of technology and gaming and loses his friends, his athleticism, and his priorities. He realizes one day that he is lost in screens and a virtual reality and the only one left to save him is his trusty dog. Screen Boy is the sign of the times for children and parents these days as they see their kids spending hours on their phones and gaming devices—so the story is very relevant and interesting. Moreover, it is the actions taken by the boy and the dog to correct the situation that is the real message, as Screen Boy rises from his despair and gains focus toward his goal of getting active again and being a respected athlete to his family and friends. Readers of Screen Boy should take with them the message that the iPhone they carry should not own them, and that they can own their destiny, and that with hard work and unconditional love one can do anything

About the Author

Matthew Patrick Gallagher is the father of four boys. Liam (aka: Screen Boy) is number four in the lineup. Matthew is a family man and regularly attends church. He is admittedly far from perfect but does strive to be a good person and role model. Matthew previously coached football for almost a decade and he loves the sport he played as a much younger man. He believes that football teaches the most important lesson of life—“get back up one more time than you’ve been knocked down, and you win.” Matthew has been in technology for the last thirty years and knows the positive and negative impacts from all the devices, software, and internet information overload that is available to young people these days. Technology is great in moderation like anything else. Family and friends are what is most important. Matthew believes that if one holds on to that perspective, even on the down days, they will always rise again.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 68