Scepter Of Soren

By Robert Michael Taylor Sr
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Scepter of Soren centers on a diverse assemblage of heroes, each embarked on their unique, yet interconnected, quests. During their journey, they offer assistance to a multitude of beings across their world, whilst simultaneously contending with an archaic evil that has slipped its shackles from a parallel universe. The narrative brims with dynamic action sequences and introduces a broad array of species, including both animal and humanoid, each inhabiting distinct environments and subscribing to their unique cultures, which our heroes have the privilege to witness and engage with during their expedition.

About the Author

Robert Michael Taylor Sr, hails from a quaint town nestled in southern Texas, near the border, where he was the third of seven siblings. His upbringing was deeply entrenched in ranch work under the tutelage of his grandfather. Despite his educational journey being cut short before the completion of high school, Robert embarked on a diverse range of professional endeavors before achieving the esteemed status of a Master Mason.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Taylor has been a devoted husband for 42 years and a proud father to four children and seven grandchildren, which have served as an abundant source of inspiration for Robert’s passion for writing. 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 168