Scattered Light

By Jay Blue
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The poems in this collection have been selected as individual points of light, sourced from a diverse array of perspective across the strands of personal experience. Much as the morning sun shares its spectrum through the bevel of ancient glass, this collection too intends to refract your senses and intrigue your desire to see more. What follows are images in reality’s fabric, conjured of the imagination, and borrowed from hints of history. Each song belongs to a unique perception of heart tenderly and carefully stitched throughout. The poems are drawn through the wide angled lens of life and encompass images of love, war, humor, heartache, triumph and the essence of those living, dead, and imagined.

About the Author

Jay Blue is a father of five and married to his best friend, love of his life, and muse. Although his vocation has been electronics engineering for the past thirty-five years, Blue believes he was born a writer and poet. Throughout his life he has been immersed in various forms of expressed creativity including music, photography, and woodworking. In particular, he believes his decades as a drummer have influenced his rhythmic approach to poetry. He is also inspired by his home in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 224