Say That Again: Words With Double Meanings In Nature

By Michael J. Larson
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This book is filled with fun filled rhymes,

Reading them will bring many happy times!

The rhymes will study double meaning words,

Included will be bats, bugs, flowers and birds.

So open the book and begin to read,

Discover there are double meaning words


About the Author

Michael J. Larson’s first seven books have been written in the prose form. Over the years he has produced a lot of rhymes in the form of birthday greetings, graduation cards and Facebook posts, until his previous book Nature’s Rhyming Riddles. This book is composed completely of rhymes. He enjoyed that task so much that he has completed his second book of rhymes titled Say That Again.

The author spent forty-two years educating students about God’s beautiful world as a biology teacher. He and his wife, Kathie, have three children and eight grandchildren. They live on a small acreage in western Minnesota where the author blogs, gardens, plays golf, reads and enjoys the peace and quiet of the outdoors. He can be contacted by email at

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 30