Saving Diana

By J. Lennington
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As the second oldest of six daughters, Diana Lewis has known nothing but a difficult life while living deep in the forests of Pennsylvania. Not that she is complaining. She has loving parents, who try their best to raise all their daughters well, and she has her times of fun during precious moments with her sisters, as well as the unusual adventures she keeps to herself while hunting in the mountains.

The Lewises have the surprise of their lives when a man, Porter Martin, along with his nephew, James, starts to build his large house and his sawmill business adjacent to their sod house. How are they, least of all, Diana, to know that there would soon come a time when these men would change their lives forever?

Saving Diana is a novel about a young womans coming of age. In this work, J. Lennington also paints a young America as its early generation of settlers occupy the land about and make a life for themselves.

About the Author

J. Lennington was born in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, which is three hours west of the area in the book. Her fascination about the period of the Civil War, along with visits to family who lived in that area, motivated her to write this story, which is her second finished novel thus far with the first one still unpublished.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 322