Saved At Fifty-One

By Dr. Cardell C. Portis
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About the Book

You may see my glory, but you don’t know my story.

Before he was saved on September 2, 2007, Dr. Cardell C. Portis lived his life like the devil was in him.

At 9, Dr. Portis took his first drink. At 17, he was unaware of demons latching on to him after a friend performed a satanic ritual. In the army, he was a womanizer and a thief. But when a brutal truck accident caused some brain damage, his life took a particularly dark turn.

Drugs provided the only relief from the constant pain after the accident. In out and out of jail and in out of rehab, Dr. Portis struggled to find hope and purpose. Then one simple act of kindness changed his life forever. Freed from addiction, he found himself in a church, saved by God for a new purpose.

Gritty and real, Saved at Fifty-One is an honest look at one man’s life without and with God. The Lord had a plan for Dr. Portis – and He has one for you. There is always hope for salvation.

About the Author

Dr. Cardell C. Portis lives in a small town of less than 20,000 people. He enjoys singing, playing the keyboard, and writing Gospel music. He has a doctorate from Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College, where he met his wife Ruby. He is a father and grandfather.

Dr. Portis is active in his home church, teach classes, helping others change their lives, and winning souls. He wrote Saved at Fifty-One to share how the power of God saved him from a life of destruction to be a walking, talking, living testimony for the world to see.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 140

Customer Reviews

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Irma L. McGruder

This was a good book that I enjoyed reading. Cardell went through a lot but look what the Lord has done in his life. The world need to get it, read it and decide.

Mae Portis

This book kept my attention and it was amazing to see how low we can go but God can still deliver us out of the mess and we can tell our story but it's for his glory.

Verna L. Davis

This book is Awesome and the world need to get it and read it. He went way out like the Prodigal son, but God changed him.

Paul Davis
Saved at Fifty-One

This true and incredible story demonstrates God’s forgiving love.
When I started reading this book, it was hard for me to put it down and stop reading. Here is a man who had great love for his mother and country (proudly served in the military), but at the same time was doing some unsavory activities that eventually left him homeless.
This book is very well written and is a must read.
- Paul

Ruby Melton

This is a power book with a awesome testimony how the power of God changed him and if he can change him he can change you also!!