Satisfaction And Service: A Grand Source Of Success

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By Tika Dhungana

Humans are in a unique position from any other beings on this planet. We feel, we think, we have the ability to wish and dream. More than anything, humans search for a fulfilling life, one of satisfaction, but we often do not know how to attain this goal.

Satisfaction and Service offers a way to achieve real success in this world. Through Tika Ram Dhungana's own experiences, and that of his parents, struggling for eighteen years in a refugee camp, he offers words of wisdom about the overarching structure of the world and the ways in which people can positively influence it, leading to real success through God's work of service in this world. Only by serving others can we achieve real success in our lives; only by being at peace with this world can we feel satisfied.

About the Author

Born in Bhutan, Tika Ram Dhungana was expelled from the country with his parents at the age of thirteen. Living for eighteen years in a refugee camp in Nepal, he received his high school education there, and later received his college education in India. Now living in the United States, he enjoys playing cricket and reading books in his spare time. This book originated from his wish to help people in need.

Published: 2013
Page Count: 46