By Don Allen
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Upon retirement from the Army Rangers, Sean Murphy goes to work for his former Commanding Officer, Colonel Anderson - a man with many contacts. The company’s name is Eyeball Inc. It specializes in providing unspecified services to the nation’s alphabet agencies. Sean soon finds he was safer tracking bad guys in Afghanistan. His first assignment goes sideways. North Koreans are after him, the FBI wants him, and drug dealers fear him. His adventures take him to Lakeview where he poses as a doctor, to Long Island for the rescue of his kidnapped grandchildren, and finally to Texas for the capture of a cartel drug lord in Texas’s Big Bend country. In the end, he finally gets satisfaction in Istanbul. 

About the Author

Don Allen currently resides in Northern Virginia. He is a retired Civil Servant and spent twenty-four years working for the United States Navy. He has two sons who have given him three granddaughters who can’t be spoiled too much. His wife of forty-eight years is deceased. Upon HS graduation, Allen was off to see the world. After two Army enlistments, he attended the University of Massachusetts. He earned BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. His hobbies include photography and genealogy.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 84