Satellite Wars

By Jerry R Brenning
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About the Book

The year is 2080 and man is to re-live yet another war. He continues to explore the outer limits to find answers to his many questions. Unfortunately, as he finds answers, they merely result in more questions. However, he cannot find the answer for avoiding war. The technology of war changes, but the causes remain the same. Who would guess the tools of science, now "space litter", would fuel a global conflict? The stage is set as two lovers forge their lives together and invent new technology to overcome forces set in motion by man's many years of neglect. A new hero arises from the ranks: G.I. Joe Rieu.

About the Author

Jerry R Brenning lives with his wife of 55 years in Indian Lake Estates, Florida. After a long engineering career, he is able to pursue his passion for painting and inventing. After years of seeing man inventing ways to explore our world, it is obvious that something is missing. I believe space litter is a hidden problem, destined for disaster.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 308