Satan's Looming Identity Crisis! The Final War In The Age Of Reason

By I. A. Mallone
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About the Book

Satans Looming Identity Crisis! The Final War in the Age of Reason examines the principle of Life and the universe using modern language. The reasoning shows the principle to be a practical, logical, scientific system where sickness, limitations, trouble, and death are understood to be hypnotic, dream-like illusions that can be wakened from and thereby destroyed.

Like mathematics, music, and physics, metaphysics is a subject where no one is asked to blindly believe what is presented but rather to engage their intelligent reasoning ability to understand and apply what is learned. Health, abundance, and Life in a forever now are attributes of reality available to everyone--right now--through this process. An insidious identity thief and its illusions are exposed and our true, perfect Ego and Universe are revealed; a celestial, eternal, singularity that is Intelligence and Life itself; the only Life.

Extensive endnotes are provided to show that the principles covered in this book coincide with Genesis through Revelation and other early texts of the worlds major religions to include Jewish and Islamic origins. We find their origins were actually non-religious concepts all rooted on the same, true, intelligent, principle and reasoning; the infinite Oneness of Perfect, Intelligent Being and the benefits this understanding provides.

Correctly understanding who we really are would be especially useful to leaders and world populations today where our misunderstanding and mistaken beliefs about life and religion have polarized the masses into the idiotic and dangerous us, them, and a separated, personal God mentality. It was never us, them, and a separated, personal God but was always the infinite singularity and individuality of I AM and the attendant harmony that always follows the realization of true facts versus mistaken beliefs.

With intelligent reasoning our technologically advanced civilization has mastered many disciplines. We have made it up to the mouth of the cave. It is time to extend that same intelligent reasoning to all aspects of our experience, leave the cave of lies and illusions and find our True, Infinite and Harmonious Identity. These concepts and more are revealed in I.A. Mallones metaphysical exploration, Satans Looming Identity Crisis! The Final War in the Age of Reason.

About the Author

After studying various ancient and contemporary religious and metaphysical works for over thirty years and having proven to his satisfaction that he was on the right track through various demonstrations and healings for himself and others, the author's collected notes and observations establishing the fundamental principles have been formatted into a book.

The author feels it should not take anyone who is interested thirty years to understand and prove these principles that are actually quite simple when clearly reasoned in modern language with an open mind. When these principles are individually understood and applied they will be found to be beneficial to one's health, wealth and happiness and especially to the joyful unveiling of the truth about ourselves and our universe. The author trusts his book will accomplish this task.

I.A. Mallone is the author's pen name and his book will reveal this choice as appropriate. The author is a retired engineer in the design of advanced submarine propulsion systems and holds various patents in that field. He lives in Connecticut.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 196