Sarah Goes Coastal

By Michael R. Farley
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Sarah Goes Coastal is the second book by Michael Farley, continuing from The Skinny on Sarah. Sarah is a former lawyer and always an adventurous misfit. She and her deranged companion, Klepto Pearl, have stumbled from one misadventure to another. She uses her pseudo intelligence for financial gain and is constantly tempting the Fates. They and the natural law of reciprocity usually aren't too far away and always seem to catch up.

About the Author

Michael R. Farley was born in Charleston, SC, and has had the benefit of a twin brother. Their young family was constantly changing domiciles throughout their childhood. They were cycled and uprooted from South Carolina to Florida and eventually back to South Carolina. The most enjoyable period of their young childhood was the time that they lived in the Miami area. The twins had a wonderful subtropical world to explore and evolve in. Left to their own devices, the spirited boys were able to develop a world of vivid imagination and acquire lifelong survival skills.

After moving back to South Carolina, they eventually became military cadets at Carlisle Military School in Bamberg and graduated from this high school with honors. The self-discipline acquired here and martial atmosphere instilled a sense of toughness and patriotism. Therefore, after graduation the brothers attempted to enlist into the U.S. Army. However, because the Vietnam War was raging and because they were just seventeen years old, the custodial-mother-parent would not give written approval. They consequently enlisted in the USAF and promptly volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam. A year later and after signing a waiver, due to more than one member of a family being in a combat zone, they were sent to Vietnam. They would go on to serve three tours of combat duty there. The profound experiences of this war left an indelible impression on both, as the atypical maturation process was expedited.

With the military obligation over, both brothers went to college on the GI Bill and obtained degrees in engineering technology. Both continued in the military via the USAF Reserves and served during Operation Desert Storm, in the first Gulf War. Michael became a senior research analyst for a paper and chemical company. He retired from the military and his civilian job, moving to suburban Atlanta, Georgia, where he now resides. Having eventually lived on three different continents, he became interested in other world cultures and events. He now consumes voluminous daily information, travels, and enjoys the pleasures of therapeutic

Published: 2020
Page Count: 44