Santa Claus In America On The Eve Of Christmas

By John Andrew Mahoney
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Santa Claus in American on the Eve of Christmas

John started to write his poem, Santa Claus in America on the Eve of Christmas, in the year 2007. In Febuary 2008 he sent his poem to be copyrighted . After a few months he started to receive letters from publishing companies who wanted to have John send to them a manuscript to have his poem made into a book. The letters from publishing companies continued to be sent to him until he decided to go ahead and have his poem made into a childrens Christmas book.

In April 2010 John finally decided to send his poem to a publishing company. He says his choice was made based on him being a Pittsburgh sports fan. Ever since 1960 when the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the New York Yankees to win the 1960 World Series John has been a Pittsburgh sports fan. John chose Dorrance Publishing Company from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to publish his book, hoping maybe someday he could go to Pittsburgh to visit Dorrance Publishing Company and get to see a Pittsburgh Steelers game or a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

When John started to write his poem he wanted to bring Santa Claus into this century and give Santa Claus his new team of reindeer and his sled made of wood up to date computer equipment, guidance systems (GPS), and safety equipment. This way Santa Claus and all his helpers could get all those toys to all the children in America faster . Up to this year Santa Claus and his helpers have accomplished all they have set out to deliver to all our children on the eve of Christmas.

John says every time he picks up his book and looks at his book and starts to read through his book again, it is so nice to see and read something that was such a joy to have written. It makes him want to write again.

Says John, There will be many Christmas Holiday Seasons that you all will be in touch with Santa Claus and all his helpers. So always remember how special Santa Claus is to all our children. All of us who believe will always keep Santa Claus in our hearts. On the eve of every Christmas you and your family and friends can again open my book, Santa Claus in America on the Eve of Christmas, and read my poem again to all the children who still believe.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 44