Sammy And The Cornstalk

By Dave Moen
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Sammy the Cornstalk grows up with his siblings in a big, big field! As he grows up, Sammy learns not only of his and his siblings’ importance but also those of the animals, soil, water, and life all around him. As his siblings get cut down, Sammy remains one of the last stalks standing. He shares the sadness of losing his siblings and how growing older can be difficult, but using the five senses, Sammy learns to find happiness and contentment, and shares how we can learn to use our own senses to find the small joys in life too!

About the Author

Dave Moen recently retired after forty-one years as a recreational therapist for a hospital and a county mental health facility. He and his wife Judy currently reside in Hewitt, Wisconsin. They have two dogs and two cats. Moen enjoys fishing, traveling, gardening, and spending time with his pets.

Kyrsten Richardson, illustrator, is a junior at Auburndale High School and currently resides on her family’s farm in Milladore, WI along with her three older siblings and one younger sibling. She enjoys making jewelry, drawing, and painting.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 40