Sally's Doll

By Ida F. Robinson
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Living alone in a senior citizen apartment building, Sally, an eighty-five year old widow, keeps herself busy in the community by working as a housekeeper and attending church every Sunday. One rainy day, while on her way to her housekeeping job, Sally sees a garbage can overflowing with trash. At the very top of the heap, she notices two little legs sticking up from the pile. Gently, but with resolve, she unearths the discarded doll, soiled from the trash in which it was buried and missing its clothes. Remembering that she had once had a similar doll as a little girl, Sally takes it home and lovingly cleans it up and sews some clothing for her. It is through these compassionate efforts that Sallys Doll brings a new sense of purpose to its new owner, breathing rejuvenated life into Sallys old existence as she embarks on an excited life of love and companionship. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of New Jersey, Ida F. Robinson and her husband, Stanley, now reside in Spring Hill, Florida. They have raised two sons, Stanley Jr. and Michael. The holder of a B.A. and an M.A. in higher education, Ida has retired from a career as an elementary school teacher and a learning consultant with the Newark Board of Education. In her spare time she enjoys reading, church activities, traveling, and visiting with her grandchildren.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 40